From the Greek god, to the generative energy that flows between your legs, it seems that Eros and the erotic are widely misunderstood. Check out the video (or audio) below to go on an adventure through Eros: What does it mean? What do you feel in your body when you hear the word? What images and associations jump to mind? How do you cultivate and move with it? You’ll come away with the beginnings of answers to all of these questions in this 30 minute guided journey – or, at the very least, some ways to deepen your questions and find your way to your own answers.

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About Alyssa Morin

As a Somatic Sex Educator I work with individuals and couples helping them to learn the basics of their bodies, anatomy of arousal, and pleasure; to reconnect with their wild, embodied, erotic intelligence; to work through fears, traumas, voices, and beliefs that get in the way of all of that; and to recognize and claim the power of their Eros and generative energy with responsibility, sovereignty, awe, and wonder. Read more about me and my journey here.