I question the Sex Positive Movement’s assumption that anything that occurs between consenting adults is a healthy sexual expression, seeking instead discernment, depth, and curiosity.

Consent is far more complex and complicated than we would like to be, or than it’s represented in our culture right now. Here’s how we’re getting it wrong, and some ways to work with it.

The form of your relationship(s) is less important than your motivations and your context. Get under the surface and into the depths to create relationships by design.


Read more about the relationship between grief and pleasure here.
Self-Pleasure Practice Outline


Access is not Liberation

A candid conversation with my friend, Keith Paolino, about the difference between freedom to and freedom from, the growth path, and more…


I mention a few handouts in this video. Use these links to access them: Tips for Giving and Receiving Feedback, Menu-ing/Eye Doctor, Bossy Massage


The following videos and audios were originally recorded for a program for men who are in relationship with women… but everything in them applies regardless of gender or orientation.