I hope that the resources below serve and help you to begin or continue the process of creating the sex life you truly desire!

Click on any of the red text to download a PDF with an explanation and practice for you to try with yourself and/or with a partner. If you have questions or problems, shoot me an email: alyssa@thiseroticlife.org


 Self-Pleasure Practice Outline

Moving out of masturbation and into self-pleasure can revolutionize your experience of sex and pleasure with yourself and with a partner.

Partner Pleasure Practice Outline

Setting aside goals and learning to simply follow what feels good, and working together to find your way there opens up new realms of pleasure and connection.

Sensate Focus

Touch for your pleasure. It sounds simple, but actually putting into practice can take time and intention.

The 4 Touch Variations

Having these 4 simple variations to touch can help you mix it up. Afterall, we don’t always know what we want, and we don’t know all that’s possible. Mix and match to find new pathways to pleasure, whether you’re touching yourself or a partner

How to Menu options for your Partner

Now that you have some variations in touch to draw from, learn some ways to introduce them to your partner, and work together to find what feels good. Neither one of you has to know what’s going to work! Instead, you get to find it together.

Book Recommendations:

Women’s Anatomy of Arousal by Sheri Winston
Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski
Erotic Massage for Healing and Pleasure by Caffyn Jesse