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As you sit reading this, do you feel connected your body? Are you aware of the sensations occurring in it? The temperature of the room? The taste in your mouth? The support of the chair you're sitting on?

If you aren't, don't worry; you are not alone. 

Our current world supports disconnection so much that most of us are frequently cut off from our experience of our bodies. We might go a full day forgetting that we even have one because our lives require so little of it.

We disconnect for good reason – be it pain, trauma, or suffering–  or from habit – screens, the valuing of intellect over feels, unconscious states of mind, etc. When it comes to sex, this disconnection and disembodiment leads to dysfunction, pain, dissatisfaction, mistrust of ourselves and our partners, lack of desire, lack of pleasure, and so much more.

Embodiment is the antidote to this disconnect. Learning how to reconnect with your body and inhabit it fully is an avenue to deeper sexual enjoyment and empowerment, and to a more intimate and informed connection with yourself, your purpose, and your place in the world.

What does embodiment even mean? And how do you get there?


Join us July 30th to learn:

  • What embodiment is

  • Why it matters

  • How to practice and cultivate it

  • The difference between top-down and bottom-up embodiment

  • What this has to do with sex and pleasure

  • What’s possible when we dare to fully embody (and what challenges you might face along the way)

You’ll come away with a simple practice that is infinitely expandable and an opportunity to begin re-inhabiting your body. And of course, we’ll save time for your questions.

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