Bring Ceremony and Magick into your Erotic Pleasure.
Use Pleasure to Encounter your Soul.


An 8-week group for women
beginning this fall


“Your body is a temple,” says the bible, and the leaders in the health and wellness world. Be careful what (and who) you put into it. Be ‘chaste’, ‘pure’, maybe even ‘abstinent’. Clean, careful, perfection. This body-as-temple orientation leaves you no space for the wild, unruly, sometimes-messy nature of existing as magick and soul embodied.


“Your body isn’t a temple, it’s an amusement park,” said Anthony Bourdain. “Enjoy the ride!” Cotton candy, roller coasters, and great sex. Give your body what it wants, follow your cravings and impulses, seek out experiences and people that are fun and feel good. Amusement parks are fun to visit, but you don’t want to live in one! You want depth. You want soul, with cotton candy on the side. You want to know, to wake up, to understand, and experience everything.


What if, instead of a temple OR an amusement park, your body is a doorway. A threshold to knowing and experiencing yourself, the world, and your place in it. Through your body, specifically your erotic pleasure, you can find your way into non-ordinary realms and states of consciousness that have the capacity to root you here, fill you up, answer your prayers, and connect you to another human in ways you might not even know you are longing for.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve tasted this potential before and somehow lost it, or want to expand for the first time into this possibility, this 8-week group for women will present you with the thresholds that you can walk through in your body, heart, and mind that will lead to more pleasure, magick, connection, belonging, and knowing.


It all starts by simply saying yes to this first step, I’ll guide you the rest of the way.


In these eight weeks we will:

Explore ceremony, shadow, and magick.

Call on and embody the Directions.

Use breath, movement, sound, music, deep imagery, and your body’s innate capacity for pleasure to journey into other worlds and other ways of knowing.

Conjure and court our spirits and souls, invoking the support of the unseen and more than human realms.

Connect with our ancestors (the benevolent ones) to support and guide us.

Ask questions and seek the answers in our bodies and our pleasure, and lay our intentions down into our bones.

Come to recognize our bodies and our pleasure as prayer incarnate; at once sacred and profane; a wild sacrament to be embodied and enjoyed.

Share our experiences with one another in service of better knowing ourselves, discovering new possibilities, and honoring the inherent inter-weaving that is our birthright.



8 sessions: dates and times to come. All sessions are virtual via Zoom. Join from anywhere in the world!


14 participants max (women only)

This is a live, virtual group combining teaching, council, reflection, coaching, and group process. As such, live participation is required, since it is in community we are seen, supported, challenged, and nurtured.

If you can’t make it live and are interested in joining this group, send me an email: (alyssa@thiseroticlife.org)


Doorways to Soul is for you if:

  • You are (relatively) comfortable talking about sex, pleasure, and your body (if this isn’t you and you want it to be, contact me for ways to get there)

  • You want to bring more magick and soul into your life

  • You find yourself excited, turned on, maybe even a little scared reading this

  • You know there are depths you haven’t yet tapped into in your sex and pleasure

  • You stumbled on soul and magick in your pleasure, and want to better understand and find your way back – or a way to make it a steadier part of your day-to-day experience

You’ll come away with:

  • An understanding of the nature of soul and how to use pleasure to encounter and explore it

  • Practices to help facilitate and deepen the connection between pleasure and soul

  • Concrete tools you can use to cultivate these connections

  • A container to hold you accountable and keep you engaged when productivity wants to push pleasure and soul to the side

  • Community and connection with women who are exploring and walking along the path of soul and pleasure

  • Profound recognition, embodiment, and ownership of the never-before-seen, irreplaceable, essence of you (or, at the very least, the beginnings of this)

  • Permission to find and follow your unique pathways to pleasure and your rightful place in the world


Don’t Take My Word For it:

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 3.46.05 PM.png

Alyssa has a magical knack for creating group spaces that are at once profound AND playful, reverent AND fun, deep AND delightfully naughty. No matter how taboo the territory, she makes it feel safe and trustworthy. That is: I trust her — and she helps me trust myself. She doesn’t just light the passageway — she walks it with you, modeling the courage and grace this work takes. She’s helped me get brave, get honest, and get intimate with myself (and others) in incredibly rewarding ways. I can’t wait to see what she does next. – Angela



... the teachings were rich and deep and easily accessible, the discussions went beyond the physical realm to the emotional, mental, and spiritual realms, and the pleasure I'm experiencing now is beyond what I dreamed possible when I started the course. I am not exaggerating. – Kathryn, 70, retired educator, current fitness instructor



What if I can’t make the live calls, or have to miss one?

If you can't make any of the live calls, please reach out before signing up (alyssa@thiseroticlife.org). This is meant to be a group, not simply a class. If you have to miss one or two, or if something comes up, no problem! Life happens, and you'll be able to catch the recording.


Are the calls confidential?

Yes! In our first call, we will negotiate agreements around privacy and confidentiality so that everyone feels safe and contained. 


How do I know if Doorways to soul is right for me?

If reading everything above is eliciting a response in your body – warmth, sweat, rush, tingle, buzz – tune in, and listen. You might get an answer. You could be feeling fear, excitement, a lean in, a repulsion. Any and all of those are possible signs that you are ready. If you aren’t sure, send me an email (alyssa@thiseroticlife.org) and we can set up a time to talk. We’ll explore where you are at and what you are wanting to see if Doorways to Soul is a good fit at this time in your life.


What’s your refund policy?

I offer a 75% refund up to one week before the course start date, no questions asked. After that, no refunds will be granted.


I have questions. How do I ask them?

Email me at alyssa@thiseroticlife.org, and we’ll go from there.