6 Ways to Speak Your Desire & Get What You Want

The couples that I know that are the happiest, closest, and strongest over the long term, don’t avoid talking about sex. It seems that, if you can go there together, you can go anywhere.

If you feel yourself protesting, resisting, feeling scared to begin, you aren’t alone. We need help with this. Our families and culture do very little in the way of teaching us how to talk with one another about the things that really matter. If you want some help getting started, or if you want to brush up on some ways to keep the conversation going, check out the video above. In it, I offer some simple things to keep in mind when you’re talking with your partner about sex

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You're Touching Her Wrong

The bad news: I can’t tell you the right way to touch her. There are millions of ways you can touch a woman; each one of us is different; the way we want to be touched changes from day to day, moment to moment. There is no one right way. Which, if you think about it, is actually good news because there are many ways to get it right.

The good news: I can show you how to find your way to the ever-changing right way, and it’s actually pretty simple.


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