Our relationships with each other as women are complicated, challenging, and sometimes, non-existent.


We can be competitive, catty, and mean. Some of us are scared of other women and stick to superficial relationships at best. Others relate to one another as opponents to be guarded against rather than allies to work with and support. And still others default to supporting the sisterhood to the detriment of truth, growth, and sincere, deep, compassionate support.


Many of us need to learn how to be in connection with women in a different way than was demonstrated by our parents and communities.


Coming together as women to share our experience of the world and ourselves can be a powerful, life-changing, world-changing experience. But only if you dare to get beneath the small talk and gossip, diving into the truth of your experience – as naked, bare, and unfiltered as you are willing to get.


Sometimes, when we dare to get honest, what’s reflected back to us is not what we thought it would be. When we get to see ourselves through the eyes of others, it can be surprising, confronting, challenging, and uncomfortable. It can also be supportive, caring, and full of love and compassion. Regardless, it tends to satisfy a craving that we didn’t even know that we had, or perhaps one that we’ve been carrying with us our whole lives.


What this group is

This women’s group is an opportunity to come together with women you maybe wouldn’t normally associate with, or ones you simply don’t know. We tend to only gather with people that we like, understandably avoiding those that rub us the wrong way, challenge or trigger us, or simply don’t make sense to us. Oftentimes, when those situations arise, we default to politeness, treading carefully so as not to rock the boat or disturb the peace.



In this group, you don’t have to like everyone; in fact if you do like everyone, all the time, we’re doing something wrong. This isn’t about your preferences, it’s about a deeper commitment to truth and knowing ourselves. It’s about being willing to listen to each other and ourselves, honoring diversity and dissonance, and getting to see ourselves reflected in a variety of mirrors. It’s about exploring the places of both grace and grit in service of life unfurling through each one of us.


It’s also an opportunity to get beneath our stories about ourselves, each other, the world, and what it means to be women, and into the patterns and themes of how we relate and how we experience the world. Doing so allows us to begin to take radical responsibility for ourselves, and perhaps more importantly, gives us the capacity to discern between the experiences that are universal to the experience of being a woman, and those that are socially and culturally constructed. This discernment can begin to offer us a freedom from our individual and shared narratives so that we can create lasting change in our lives and in the lives of everyone we touch.


In my personal experience, if you want to grow, to come to know who you really are, and to find your place and purpose in the world, this is the fastest, clearest, and most assured way to get there.



  • 8 sessions, roughly every-other-week (there are a few exceptions, so PLEASE read the dates carefully)

  • Tuesdays, 6:30 - 8:30 pm (dates below)

  • Closed group, not drop in. We’re asking for a commitment because we want to go deep together. Missing a session or 2 is no problem. But, if you know ahead of time that you’ll miss more than 2 sessions, then unfortunately, this group won’t be a good fit for you at this time.

  • By donation (suggested donation is $20/session). You can use the button below to donate if you'd like or you can donate session by session (check, cash, or card)

  • We only have room for 6 - 10 women, so if you are interested, let me know as soon as possible so I can reserve your space

  • No experience necessary :)

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We’ll build on the basics of council, which has been practiced in cultures across the globe and throughout human history. You’ll be given space to speak from your heart – uninterrupted – and then receive reflection from the other women in the group. This group will be co-creative and the themes and the content will emerge from the interplay of everyone who is present.


This group isn’t about learning any specific content, but instead how to relate to and reflect each other. You’ll learn how to challenge, support, reveal, reflect, point out, have conflict, repair, and how to tell the truth about yourself and what you see in yourself, each other, and the world.