You know sex can be so much more...

What would what your life be like if desire were sacred, sex was delightful, and you fully understood the transformative potential of sex, connection, and pleasure?

Imagine if you could have what you wanted.





As a Somatic Sex Educator, with hundreds of hours of training and practice in sexuality, relationship, awareness, and communication, I am uniquely positioned to work with you in ways that can bring holistic healing and insight, allowing for deep growth and transformation, and opening the door to the myriad pleasures available through the body.  

Talking about your challenges with sexuality can only take you so far.  By combining mindfulness-based discussion and insight with somatic awareness and touch, I can show you the way into a shame-free, liberated expression of your unique erotic nature and desires. In our work together, we will explore the breadth and depth of your sexuality: from the nuts and bolts of anatomy and arousal, through shame and trauma, and into the freedom of sexual sovereignty and integrated expression.  




You likely had some version of sex ed in school, but chances are, you were given more in depth information about prime numbers than you were about sex.  

And what you were given was cursory at best:

a naming of parts and their function as it relates to reproduction; horrifying pictures and descriptions of STIs; a fear-based acknowledgment that the only way to prevent STIs and pregnancy is abstinence.  

Where was the teaching about pleasure?  How to give it?  And receive it?

What about consent?  Boundaries?  Where to go for help if things aren't working the way they are supposed to?

And the deeper layers?  How to be with a partner, to ask for what you want, to see what’s possible and available beyond what we see in movies, and pornography?


Sessions are interactive and experiential, offering body-based guidance for the entire spectrum of your sexuality.

The main focus of SSE is on your relationship to your Soma, or body, and we will continually return to the experience that you are having in your body right now.

A typical 90-minute session 

begins with a short body-based meditation, a check-in to see where you are at and where you’ve been, followed by co-created experiential practices that can include witnessing, guided exercises, and touch from me to you.


People come to me because they are experiencing some kind of problem or challenge in their sexuality:

You’re wanting more, your needs aren’t being met.

You find that you don’t want to have sex with your partner, or you don’t have a partner to explore your sexuality with. 

You rely on porn or other underground methods to get your sexual needs met.  

Your partner has a lower sex drive than you do, and you find it frustrating and don’t know how to talk about it, or if it means the two of you are incompatible.

You want to please your partner sexually and don’t know how.

You find that you have a layer of shame and embarrassment around sexuality.

You're questioning your sexuality, orientation, gender.



You’re struggling with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.  
Desires and fantasies you don’t understand or don’t want
Inability to talk to or have sex with women
A lack of desire for your partner



You're experiencing a lack of desire
Pain with intercourse
Scar tissue from childbirth
Inability to orgasm
Feeling unable to meet your partner's sex drive
Wishing your partner had a stronger sex drive
Not knowing what you want, or how to express it
How to self-pleasure, and why it’s essential
Sex after childbirth
Guilt and feelings of sadness post-abortion



You’re struggling to communicate with one another
The spark isn’t there anymore
Sex after children?
You have a great relationship on all fronts, and you aren’t having sex
One of you wants to try something new and the other is not on board
Sex has become all about having children
You want to explore, or are exploring, non-Monogamous, open, and other unconventional relationships


You might also come with...

Creative blocks
Low energy and vitality
A general sense of stuckness


No matter what you come to the door with, we will uncover the deeper layers. Rather than staying on the surface and working with the “symptoms” you are experiencing, we will go to the heart of the matter so that we can enact real and lasting change and transformation, trusting and harnessing the wisdom and intelligence in your body to unlock the answers to your questions and solutions to your problems.  

We will work together to form concrete goals to guide our exploration, tracking them as we go along to make sure we are meeting them, adjusting them as we uncover more.

Come expecting to participate. Your wholehearted engagement is crucial and necessary.  I will not be doing things to you; this is not an opportunity to zone out, fade away, and escape. Instead it is an opportunity to show up, perhaps more than you have before.

The pace is yours. There is no one way to do this, no right way, no wrong way. Only your way.

You'll come away with...

Vitality, energy, and aliveness.  

More sensation and pleasure.

More options, choices, opportunities.

A complete understanding of the anatomy of pleasure and arousal.

A broader knowing of the role of erotic and sexual energy and pleasure in your life.

A grounded understanding of your erotic energy as the source of your creativity and generativity.

An integration of your sexuality and erotic energy with your body, heart, and mind.

You will feel at home in your body and connected to yourself.  

You’ll know what you want, and be able to ask for it.

You’ll feel a deeper freedom in your sexual expression. 




We Can Explore:

  • Consent and Boundaries

  • Masturbation/Self Pleasuring

  • Fantasies and Desires

  • Anatomy of Arousal and Pleasure

  • Mapping Sensation and Pleasure

  • Self-Awareness

  • Cultivating Desire

  • Soul encounter through the doorway of your sexuality

  • And so much more

I only had vague imaginings of what this work with Alyssa would actually look like. I’d heard a few stories from others, and these served to fuel both my excitement, and trepidation.

And the moment I stepped into Alyssa’s workspace, things began to shift. The experience was like walking, slowly, into the embrace of a warming and brilliant sea. Alyssa’s deeply grounded and exquisitely feminine presence melted the sharp edges of my anxieties, allowing me to relax into an ultra-present engagement with my moment-to-moment experience.

Our sessions, which have numbered eight in total, are opportunities to explore the mysteries of my own erotic nature (and the many resistances I have built up, mostly unconsciously, to inhibit the raw and direct experience of this nature). We begin with speaking - I on the sofa and her in her chair - and slowly, deliberately, guided by Alyssa’s ever-alive curiosity, we peel back the layers of what is most pressing in me.

Many valuable insights have been discovered in this time together; yet there always comes a point when Alyssa grows slightly restless, and names her desire to let go of the words. To let the body do more of the expressing, and exploring. This is one of the great treasures in working with Alyssa - gifted with a sharp mind and an eloquent relationship with language, she nevertheless intuits the inherent limitations in communicating merely via words. And this was, in our early sessions, always my edge...how to move from the relative safety of the mind, into the mysteries of the body - particularly given this strange new world I was in, of exploring intimacy, sensation, the erotic - outside the contexts and structures I have been acclimated to.

Diving into the world of sensation and energy with Alyssa is, for me, a profound unfolding of mystery, exquisite sensitivity, heightened awareness, deepened embodiment, all held within a vast heartspace. Our time and space together becomes a crucible, in which the stuck energies of my past are heated, softened, released, and dynamic energies and possibilities find themselves urged to the surface of my being.

What happens in my time with Alyssa pours forth into all moments and spaces in my life, increasing my capacity to allow the free movement of vital energy within my body, and my heart. And our work together has benefited so many beyond me - my wife, my children, my friends, and ever outward.

I am so deeply grateful for Alyssa, her profound sense of curiosity, her willingness to sail into the heart of the Mystery. Working with her is, for me, a deep blessing.
— B.W.



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