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Somatic Sex Educator, Relationship & Intimacy Guide


As an educator and a guide it’s not my job to give you answers, I will help you find the right questions. I won’t fix or save you, I will give you tools, skills, and support so that you can find the solutions that are right for you.

Whether you come with sexual dysfunction and dissatisfaction, curiosity and longing, challenges in intimacy and relationships, or a desire to step out of the conventional relationship model and into relationship by design, we work together to get to the roots. I won’t offer you superficial solutions; together we will dive into the depths to get to the heart of the matter so that you can create true and lasting change.

We do more than talk, we get experiential. We run experiments with body, breath, mind, space, touch, and connection to get first-hand, real-time, in-the-moment information. And then we run more to practice applying small adjustments that can change your world.

We slow down. And then we slow down some more. Taking the time to truly notice all the layers, stories, expectations, and assumptions that are running in you so that you have the space and freedom to choose rather than react.

We emphasize and nourish what’s already well in you, while we uproot what isn’t, helping you orient toward pleasure and wellness, so that you can create the relationships, experiences, and pleasure that you long for from wholeness rather than wound.

This path is simple, but not easy. It’s a series of small steps, with the occasional leap or bound. And always, it goes at your pace, with my encouragement and reflection. We will use and integrate all of you – body, heart, mind, and soul – so that you can go into your life with ever more of yourself.

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I question the Sex Positive Movement’s assumption that anything that occurs between consenting adults is a healthy sexual expression, seeking instead discernment, depth, and curiosity.

Consent is far more complex and complicated than we would like to be, or than it’s represented in our culture right now. Here’s how we’re getting it wrong, and some ways to work with it.



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