Want to continue the journey you started in the Summer of Pleasure?

Join Women In Pleasure (WIP) for bi-weekly calls that will continue to build our community, your sexual self-awareness, and deepen your comfort and ease with your sexuality.

Our sexuality is not static, nor is it ever done developing. New things arise all the time! Get the support you need and the community you've helped form to deepen your erotic explorations. 

We'll uncover new material, share our experiences. You can ask questions, share what's unfolding for you, troubleshoot problems and challenges, and more.




Calls will alternate between Tuesdays (11am - 12:00pm Mountain Time) and Wednesdays (6pm - 7:00pm Mountain Time).

Next call is Tuesday, October 3rd, 11am - 12:00pm Mountain Time. If/when you join, you'll receive emails with all of the dates, and a calendar. AND, I'll send out email reminders, so you don't have to remember it all. :-) 

We'll meet on Zoom, just like the course, and we'll have a recordings and homework page, so that if you miss something, you can still catch the recording. We'll have a secret Facebook group as well.



$32/month, on automatic payment.

Through Friday, September 29th, use the code SUMMER2017 to get the first month for $7

You can cancel at any time.


Click below to join. I can't wait to get started :-)