Summer of pleasure



Summer of pleasure



You’re invited to the Summer of Pleasure 2017

I’m lying in bed as I write this: Candles burning, warm tea by my side, loungewear, purring feline, sleeping canine. I figure, if I’m going to teach you anything about pleasure, it’s best to be residing in mine.
As a kid and teenager, my sexual education consisted of, “wait until you’re married,” followed up with alarming information about STIs and the basics of reproduction. Nothing about pleasure or the complexities of intimate relationships. I felt profoundly alone when it came to sex and relationships, and totally mystified. I’d explored my own body enough to know what felt good, and I’d had a few lovers that had opened doors to new sexual pleasure for me, but I had a feeling more was possible if only I knew where to look – or touch
Three years ago, a dear friend and mentor of mine began putting together a group of women – The Women’s Temple –  to explore erotic arts together. We gathered monthly to not only talk about our sexuality, but to work hands on with one another, to witness one another, and to be in our pleasure together. The combination of information, community, and guidance transformed my sexuality, and my entire life.

I came out of that two-year experience deeply rooted in my body, connected to my pleasure, sensuality, and sexuality, able to communicate about sex with partners in new ways, and with some key resources and practices that continue to expand my sexuality to this day. I also came away with a deep capacity to meet the intensity of my life head on, to tend to my needs and desires, to metabolize grief, anger, and suffering, and with an unshakable trust in the world and my place in it.
The Summer of Pleasure brings together all of the elements that made The Women’s Temple so transformative for me – clear and simple information about pleasure and anatomy, guidance, practice, and permission, and a community of women devoted to exploring and telling the truth about their sexual pleasure and themselves  –  in an accessible, easy to digest, virtual format. We won't touch one another, do any live demonstrations, or self-pleasure together, but we will share the intimate details of our experiences.
In the 10 weeks that I’m inviting you to explore your pleasure this summer, I won’t shame or should you. I won’t be telling you how frequently you should be coming, or what kind of orgasms you should or could experience. I won’t tell you the best way to touch yourself, or share with you the one magic secret to unlock your deepest sexual pleasure. 
That’s not what I’m up to. 
Instead, I will offer you maps and guides to facilitate your own explorations into the wild territory of your pleasure. I’ll encourage you to ask questions, follow your curiosity, and set up experiments so that you can uncover the deep pleasure that lives in you. You’ll get to share your experiences, frustrations, excitement, shame, and pleasure in a closed group of like-minded women. 


Summer of Pleasure is currently full and underway.  Interested in joining me for the next round? Leave your contact info below and I'll contact you with a special pre-registration offer as soon as I open the doors. 

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Maps and Guides


As women, we barely know the territory of our bodies and our pleasure. I’ll share with you the full magic of our anatomy of arousal. There’s so much more going on down there than your clitoris and your vagina. So. Much. More.


Practices + Experiments

We tend to touch ourselves the same way, every time. Self-Pleasuring is one of the most habituated behaviors in our repertoire. Our pathways to pleasure are wired in our brains and our bodies, and it can be challenging and frustrating  to expand them. If you want to experience more pleasure with yourself and with partners, you have to start changing it up! We’ll explore different ways to contact your anatomy of arousal, and to incorporate breath and movement into your pleasure so that you can expand the depth and breadth of your pleasure map.



This is the part of this course that has me most excited, and that has the most potential for transformation. In my personal journey, sexual and otherwise, nothing has had a bigger impact than community. Sharing these experiences, witnessing friends in their pleasure, seeing what it is they do with their bodies, hearing them describe it, and then getting to ask them questions about it changed everything. Having people other than lovers touch my body, offering suggestions and opportunities, reminding me to breathe, and showing me the way through experiences I might have backed away from opened doors and pathways to pleasure that I didn’t even know existed. While this course is virtual, and we won’t be self-pleasuring together, or touching one another, the act of sharing our experiences and curiosities will be nothing short of revolutionary.


Whether you are brand new to sexual exploration, or a seasoned practitioner of erotic arts, you will learn and discover new things about your body.


We'll Dive Into...

We'll Dive Into...


– What is Self-Pleasuring?
– Shame, embarrassment, guilt
– The personal, familial, and cultural stories we carry about pleasure
– Anatomy of Arousal
– Your erotic map and blueprint
– Embodiment
– Strokes to experience pleasure
– Community support and care
– Ways to use breath, movement, and sound to unlock your body
– Sex Magick
– Pleasure Rituals
– Permission
– Toys, tools, and practices with a partner
– And more...

This will be a co-creative exploration. I have some things we will definitely touch on, and your questions, interests, desires, and curiosities will help shape our experience together. 


10Virtual Group Sessions (via Zoom)

1.5 hours each
Tuesdays, 6pm-7:30pm MDT
Starting July 18th (last session is September 19th).



I will teach you some things, and we will save plenty of time for questions, coaching, shares, reflection, and feedback, not necessarily in that order.


Recordings, Outlines, Homework

All on a course page with video recordings and downloadable audio recordings, guided practices, and downloadable homework and outlines –  available for a year.


Secret Facebook Group

To stay in touch with one another between sessions and after the summer is over.


An embodied experience and understanding of your anatomy of arousal.

New ways to touch yourself and find pleasure.

Maps of the wild territories of pleasure and erotic energy.

Community and connection with women to support, challenge, embrace, and encourage you.

Tools you can use to continue to unfold your sexuality, layer by layer.

The power to tap into your desires, name what you want, and create the sensual and sexual pleasure you crave.

And more...


Sign up on or before June 11th, and you’ll get a 30 minute one-on-one virtual session with me (to be used before the end of the year).


The Summer of Pleasure is currently full and underway.  Interested in joining me for the next round? Leave your contact info below and I'll contact you with a special pre-registration offer as soon as I open the doors.

Name *

This Course Is For you If...

This Course Is For you If...


You identify as a woman and have female sexual anatomy.*

You want to learn more about your anatomy of arousal.

You feel stuck in your sexuality and pleasure. You hear of others experiences with pleasure, and you wonder if it’s a myth, if you’re doing it right, if you’re missing out on things.

You want guidance and education around a topic that no one really teaches us about. Ever.

You are ready to explore, try new things, show up, and share yourself.

You are craving community with women who are devoted to their own pleasure.

You are ready to make changes in your life.

You are willing to look at yourself, your patterns, your behaviors.



*This group is specifically and exclusively for woman identified females (of any orientation). Women have a unique perspective of their bodies, pleasure, and the social constructs around it all – as do men and other genders. If you are a man, or identify somewhere else in the world of gender, let me know and I can point you to some other resources. There are magnificent people in the world working with men and with sexual and gender minorities, and I work with all genders and orientations in my private practice.


This is not all rosy and fun. I haven’t skipped down this path, bright and shiny, breathless from all the earth-shattering orgasms I’ve had. Opening to and discovering your sexual self, outside the scripts that you’ve been handed by family, media, culture, and religion, can seismically shift the foundation of your life. Everything you think you know about yourself and your place in the world might come crumbling down. When you open yourself to one experience and begin to surrender more fully to life as it moves through you, you open yourself to everything. Grief. Rage. Ecstasy. Rapture.


This is also deeply political. Knowing about your pleasure and your body, and sharing your experience with community rather than sequestering it in your bedroom under your sheets and your shame is a radical, subversive, act.





What is a Beta Course?

I haven’t taught this material in this format, which means that I’ll be experimenting and trying new things. A Beta Course is sort of like a dress-rehearsal: Things are coming together, and you’re putting the finishing touches on before you bring in the big audience. Because of all of that, it also means that I’m offering this group with a steep discount.


What if I can’t make the live calls, or have to miss one?

You’ll miss out on the community aspect of the Summer of Pleasure, but you’ll be able to get the recordings of everything within 24 hours of the live call.


Are the calls confidential?

Yes! In our first call, we will make agreements around privacy and confidentiality so that everyone feels safe and contained. I might wrap up and reuse the teaching content, but the coaching and community building will all stay with us, and us alone.


How do I know if the Summer of Pleasure is right for me?

If reading everything above is eliciting a response in your body – warmth, sweat, rush, tingle, buzz – tune in, and listen. You might get an answer. You could be feeling fear, excitement, a lean in, a repulsion. Any and all of those are possible signs that you are ready. If you aren’t sure, send me an email ( and we can set up a time to talk. We’ll explore where you are at and what you are wanting to see if the Summer of Pleasure is a good fit at this time in your life.


What’s your refund policy?

I offer a 75% refund within one week of the course start date, no questions asked. After that, no refunds will be granted.


I have questions. How do I ask them?

Email me at, and we’ll go from there.